The earliest manifestation of interest for preserving the military traditions of the old times go back to the mid 1980s, when the first public appearances in military uniforms belonging to former times were organized. These activities intensified durig the late 1990s and most of all after the year 2000, catalyzed by the initiation of the periodical event „National Military Museum's Days”. Occasioned by these festivities in May 2004, a group of enthusiasts, historians and militaria collectors, decided to found the association „6 Dorobantzes”, aimed at keeping alive the tradition of the 6th Dorobantzes Regiment „Michael the Brave”, one of the most prestigious of the Romanian Army.

The association has set itself following objectives:

  • promoting Romanian military traditions, especially those of the 6th Dorobantzes Regiment „Michael the Brave” (1872-1947);
  • organizing and participating in military-historical reenactments and shows aimed at educating the public, especially the young generation, in the spirit of respect for the Romanian military traditions, of detailed knowledge of the most important events in national and universal history, of the details of everyday life in the military, and in the spirit of respect for the soldiers and the civilians who in dramatic moments of history have fulfilled their patriotic duties
  • participation, in historical uniforms and gear, bearing matching weapons, in shows that commemorate military-historical events through parades, displays, reenactment and honour guard details
  • safe-keeping and restoration of military-historical patrimony (uniforms, gear, weapons, decorations, documents, art works, constructions, and historical sites)
  • promoting respect for the foreign military who have honestly and courageously served their countries
  • assisting Romanian museums, organizing or participating in military-historical shows
  • amplifying the cooperation with similar, foreign organizations

Through its activities, the association “6 Dorobanţi" promotes civic values, democracy and rule of law. The Romanian legislation is being strictly observed at all times.

The 8 founding members were joined in the mean time by other enthusiasts, bringing the group to a strength of, currently (2006), 19 active and associated members. In the spring of 2006, a branch of the association "6 Dorobantzes" was opened in Ploieşti, with the purpose of reviving the tradition of the local 4th Artillery Regiment “Regele Ferdinand I”, the oldest such unit in the Romanian Army.

Most of the members of our group have bought original items or had made uniforms and gear, including cutting weapons, congruent with the original historical ones, for each of the different time periods to be commemorated. The outfits are worn at every event in which the group members take part. Most of the firearms are still being borrowed from the National Military Museum, our main partner in organizing military historical shows. In future, in abidance by the law nr.295/2004 regarding weapons and ammunition, most members of our association will purchase their own historical firearms, for the purpose of using them during military historical shows.

During our activities, at home or abroad, we cooperated with similar groups, throughout Europe, in commemorating the traditions of our respective armies. With these we established friendly relationships in the pursuit of the same noble ideals.

Kindly please contact us for further details regarding our association; we would be honoured should you, sharing our passion for military history, wish to join our group.